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A mix of British and African culture

The culture of Barbados

The Barbadian culture is a mixture of British and African culture. Bajan are very traditional and aware of their history. Music and festivals are a major pice in Bajan traditions.

Barbados is also known as "Little Britain" because of the long British history. The British influence is reflected especially in laws, the education system and organization in Barbados. In addition, many residents have lived and worked in England. So Barbados combines British habits with an Caribbean lifestyle.


Music is an essential part of Barbados' culture. Calypso, soca and reggae are heard a lot. Soca by the way is the more modern and faster variation of calypso. Music festivals such as the Crop Over Festival (Bajan Carneval) and the Jazz Festival a hosted annually.


Most people in Barbados are in the Anglican Church persuasion, but there are a large number of different churches on the island. Many Bajans are going to the church on Sunday morning. And also at Christmas and New Year's day, the visitation of the church is for many Bajans still a traditional part.

Food & Drinks

In Barbados there are a few dishes and food which is inspired by the african cuisine, for example food like the vegetable okra and a dish called Coucou. And some British dishes such as macaroni pie are often eaten.