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Customs regulations for your outbound flight

Barbados: Customs at you arrival

Who wants to enter Barbados should note a few things.

The most important costums regulations in Barbados. You are allowed to:

(1) To bring 1 Liter of potable spririts or wine
(I think non Barbadian rum isn't allowed, but I am not sure.)

You are not allowed to bring following things to Barbados:
(1) Illegale drugs
(2) Pornographic content

Further restrictions

Other restrictions are primarily to protect the native plants and wildlife.
Restricted things are: Fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, etc. These goods must be declared to customs so that they can check them.

For more informationen contact:
Ministry of Agriculture
Graeme Hall
Christ Chruch
Tel: (246) 428-4150

Source and more information:
Costums @ www.visitbarbados.org