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Buy for example expensive jewelry tax-free

Tax Free Shopping in Barbados

Tourists have the opportunity of tax-free purchases in Barbados. This explicitly means shopping in regular stores throughout the Caribbean island. Tourists can save a lot of money, in particular for more expensive purchases like jewelry, designer brands and exclusive brands of rum. On this page we will explain you the requirements and procedure of tax-free shopping in Barbados.

As a tourist, with a valid return ticket, you can shop tax free in many shops on the island of Barbados (duty free). This is especially worthwhile for purchases like expensive watches, jewelery or even very old and expensive rums. In order to benefit from duty-free shopping, you should know a few particulars.

Requirements and Procedure of Barbados Duty Free Shopping

You need a valid passport to identify yourself, the address of your hotel or place of residence in Barbados. In addition, you may need is a valid return ticket or a copy of this ticket.

In general, you just have to show your passport and provide the address where you stay in Barbados. However, you should have a copy of your return travel ticket with you - just in case.

Barbados: Specialty of cigarettes & alcohol:
For tax-free shopping of alcohol and cigarettes on the island of Barbados applies a specialty. Tourists in Barbados can purchase cigarettes or alcohol duty free - even outside the tax free areas of Barbados' airport or cruise port. But however, these products will be handed over to you on the day of your departure directly at the airport or cruise port. This service is very reliably.

Barbados' Shopping Venues for Duty Free Shopping

There is a variety of stores for duty free shopping on the Caribbean Island of Barbados. Here are a few ideas:

(1) Broad Street in Bridgetown Barbados contains many shops that offer duty free shopping. For example Cave Shepherd and a lot of Jewelry Stores.
(2) Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown Barbados.
(3) West Mall Shopping Centre in Holetown.
(4) There are also some art galleries and craftwork stores on the island which are selling unique item.