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Plenty of nature and well suited for surfing

Barbados' East Coast

The east coast of Barbados is quiet, only thinly populated, which makes it ideal for calm seeking and nature loving people. There are also the top surfing spots for professional surfers.

The east coast of Barbados is mainly characterized by the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Steep cliffs, hilly landscapes and wild bays alternate at the east coast of Barbados at periodical intervals. There are some remarkable rock formations created by nature as well as several small and large caves.

The beaches on the east coast of Barbados are not suitable for swimming, because even if the water seem to be relatively calm there are very dangerous current underneath the water surface. So do not go there for a swim.


Bathsheba is a village and area right on the east coast of Barbados - approximately in the center of Barbados' east coast - and is located in the Parish (a Parish is roughly the Barbadian equivalent to a borough) of St. Jospeh.

Bathsheba is a paradise for nature lovers and surfers.

The following video not only includes the surfing scenes, it also shows in several parts the beautiful landscape of Bathsheba. It's worth watching!

Bottom Bay in Barbados

You will find pictures of "Bottom Bay" on almost every postcard about Barbados. Accordingly, it is worth visiting this approximately 180 meter (590 feet) long bay.

"Bottom Bay" is located on the southeast of Barbados in the Parish of St. Philip about 1.7 km (1.06 miles) southwest of the easternmost point of the Caribbean island of Barbados.