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The home of rum and beer in the Caribbean

Alcoholic beverages in Barbados

In Barbados locally produced alcoholic drinks and therefore typical drinks on the Caribbean island of Barbados are beer and rum-based drinks. In particular, a freshly made "Rum Punch" should be tried.

On this page you will learn something about Barbados most common alcoholic beverages.

Barbadian Rum Punch

A Barbados Rum Punch is a traditional barbadianischer cocktail of rum, water, ice, angostura bitters and a few other ingredients. Pretty much everyone in Barbados has its own special recipe.

Bajan rum punch has a sweet and spicy taste. If you drink a really good rum punch on the island of Barbados you will usually don't taste much of the contained alcohol. A lot of tourists underestimate the effect of the contained alcohol, so drink slowly and responsibly. In addition, Barbados' tropical climate will probably reinforces this effect.

Tip: Don't buy Bajan rum punch as a convenience product in local supermarkets or grocery stores. These products are absolutely not comparable to a fresh made Barbadian rum punch.

Bajan food and rum punch receipe: You will find a very nice Barbadian rum punch receipe in the last third of following YouTube video.

Barbados rum punch receipe at a glance:
1.) 1 part "sour" (lime or lemon juice)
2.) 2 parts "sweet" (e.g. sirup)
3.) 3 parts "strong" (Bajan Rum e.g Mount Gay Rum)
4.) 4 parts "weak or sweet" (e.g. water)
5.) ice
6.) Angostura bitters
7.) Nutmeg
Mix and enjoy!

Website SoGood.tv: http://sogood.tv/

Rum made in Barbados

Barbados produces many different types of rum and rum brands. Barbados is also home of a rum brand called "Mount Gay Rum", which is the oldest rum production in the world. Barbadians says that rum was invented in Barbados, and that is probably true. Mount Gay Rum is producing rum since 1703.
There are old rums, young rums and rum that was never stored in barrels. "Mount Gay - Eclipse Silver" for example is a rum which was filtered several times, and its tastes is comparable to good vodka. My personal favorites of Barbados Rum are "Mount Gay - Eclipse" and "Cockspur - FIVE STAR", but I have not tried every Barbadian rum brand.

Tip: A very "light" and refreshing rum-cocktail is Barbados' Mount Gay Rum - Eclipse with ginger ale (e.g Canada Dry) and ice. This combination is unexpectedly delicious. Try it!

Banks Beer & Carib Beer (Caribbean Beer)

Barbados produces a very high quality and well-tasting Caribbean beer called "Banks Beer". Banks Beer is a beer which is similar to european beer brands, and visitors love this beer.
On the Caribbean Island of Barbados, you will also find a Caribbean beer called "Carib". Carib Beer is produced at the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, but belongs partly to Barbados' Banks Brewery Holdings. And Carib Beer has also a very nice taste.