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Discover places that are not accessible by car

Hiking and running in Barbados

On a hike on the Caribbean island of Barbados, you can particularly explore places that aren't accessible with a car oder bus. And walking and running are also fun at the island of Barbados, there several marathons during the year.

Barbados has good hiking trails. On these, visitors can explore the nature and landscapes. Many trails will provide you with really nice impressions of landscape and nature that you would not see by car. It's worth it!

Running in Barbados

You will find more information about the annual marathons on the Caribbean island of Barbados at following website: www.runbarbados.org

Hiking with Stephen Mendes

Mr. Stephen Mendes offers guided hiking tours. Mr. Mendes knows serveral good trails on which you can see the real Barbados, lots of nature and far away from other tourists. He can show you some great places where you will have a magnificent view over the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Prices: He has a fair and simple price system! You will find the prices at his website.

Stephen Mendes website: hikebarbados.con
Youtube Channel - Stephen Mendes: Stephen Mendes @ Youtube.com

More informationen about hiking in Barbados

At following websites you will find more information about hiking at the caribbean island of Barbados.

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