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Explore the Caribbean island with an electronically powered Segway

Barbados Segway Tour

You can explore the Caribbean island of Barbados in an environmentally friendly way. How? Among other things, with an electronically powered Segway. Driving a Segways is easy to learn and makes a lot of fun.

Explore Barbados in an environmentally friendly way. With an electronically-operated Segway (off-road version), even dirt roads and fields in Barbados are no obstacles. With a Segway, it is possibly to arrive places which aren't accessible with larger vehicles.

Segways are more environmentally friendly than common vehicles. Segways are powered by electricity. But this modern wheeler is not only environmentally friendly, due to its electronic drive system.

Because of very low noise levels of Segways, Segways preserve its direct environment! Animals and humans in Barbados are less exposed to stress caused by noises.

At the beginning of the Segway Barbados Tour you will learn how to drive a Segway. Segways are very easy to handle and you will learn it quickly. Don't miss this out of the ordinary tour in Barbados!

Segway Tour Barbados General Information

Prices: Starting at 65 USD
Duration: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Weight Restrictions: Minimum of 40 kg (90 lbs) - Maximum of 127 kg (280 lbs)
Website: Segway Tour Barbados
Please note: Reservations are necessary!

Address & location:
Bay Street, St Michael
Bridgetown, Barbados
Tel #1: +1 (246) 426-5740 (Office)
Tel #2: +1 (246) 253-6772 (Reservations)

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