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What to do?

Leisure activities in Barbados

Barbados offers visitors many activities for leisure time. Tax free shopping is a special feature that Barbados offers to its visitors from abroad. You can also organize your own sightseeing tour or take part in one of the many guided island tours.

Duty-free shopping - Not only on the airport

As a tourist in Barbados you are able to purchase many goods tax-free island wide, for example expensive rum or jewelry. You can read more about it and how it exactly works, in our section "activities" => "Shopping (Duty-Free)".


For example, you can discover Bridgetown and other sightseeing places. There are several museums and botanical gardens spread throughout the island, which you can visit on your own or with a guided tour. Usually, a small entrance fee will be charged. Barbados is one of the only Caribbean island which are coral based. You will find a lot of caves at several places on the island, among these caves are some very impressive limestone caves.

Tours onshore

You will find a wide range of offers for guided ashore island tours. For example you can choose between safari tours (in open jeeps), group tours on quad bikes (motorcycles with 4 wheels als called ATV), but there are also some guided hiking tours and tours in air-conditioned buses.

Tours offshore

Some examples: Pirate ships, catamaran tours, speed boat rides and more is available on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Water sports

Snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides and water skiing are just some of available sporting activities. You can find more, on our website under the category "Sports".