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Barbados: Arrival and Departure

Barbados Arrival and Departure. In this section we will provide you with information and tips for your vacation (holiday), which will help you avoid discomfort.

As with any vacation (holiday), you should pay attention to one or the other little thing before you start your vacation (holiday) in Barbados. This will help you to enjoy your vacation (holiday) on the Caribbean island of Barbados even more and then you are able to have the most relaxing and stress-free holiday.

Arrival: Visa and Travel (Health) Insurance

Before you are leaving your home, you should take care of some important things like the visa requirements (Canadians, US, EU citizens normally don't need a visa in advance, only a vaild passport) and in our opinion it is especially important to have a health insurances that covers vacation (holidays) even abroad. In most cases you need an additional health insurance for abroad travels that will normally don't costs more than 20 USD for an whole year. So don't forget it!
You will find more Information in our category "travel insurances".


Before your departure, there are mainly 2 things that are most important:
1) If you still have a large amount of Barbados Doller (BBD), then you should exchange it for U.S. Dollar - before - you leave Barbados. Otherwise it is likely that you will loose up to 30% in value.
You can read more about it in: "Money and Banks".
2) You should know the regulations of the costums at your home destination.