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White beaches and crystal clear water!

Barbados Beaches

There are many different types of beaches in Barbados which have different characteristics. Barbados has for example beaches which have almost a flat water surface and on the other hand popular surfing beaches that are well-known internationally. This is the case because Barbados has a quiet west coast and a rough east coast. And because this Caribbean island is relatively small, you can get to the different beaches normally in less than 30 minutes.

All beaches in Barbados are public property and everyone is allowed to use them.

The Beaches

The sand of the beaches in Barbados has a very fine grain size, some people say that it is almost like powder and the color of the sand is a very light beige that is almost white in some areas.

The Crystal Clear Water

As you may already have seen in some videos, the water in Barbados is crystal clear and has a shimmering turquoise dream color. Especially at midday when the sun is high in the sky, the water literally begins to glow.

Swimming Beaches

The west and south coast of Barbados offer excellent beaches with calm sea water.

Surfer Beaches

The surf beaches are mainly in the east and southeast of the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Rough East Coast & the North Point

The whole east coast (atlantic ocean) is significantly rougher than the west or south coast and you should not go swimming at the east coast of Barbados. The Sea at the east coast looks sometimes like it wouldn't be a problem to go there for a swim, but however, there are some very dangerous and unpredictable currents especially under the water surface. These beaches are more natural and less frequently visited. Therefore the beaches on the east coast of Barbados are highly appreciated by people who are looking to relax and enjoy nature. This places are also very useful for small picnics (But please: Don't Litter!)

The North Point
As the name implies the "North Point" is the northernmost point of the Caribbean island of Barbados. At the North Point you can experience the natural force of the sea. It is very impressive to see how the sea is presenting its whole force at the North Point, while a few kilometers (miles) southwest of the sea is almost as smooth as glass.

Swimming with Sea Turtles

Another highlight of Barbados is, that you can swim sea turtles. The animals are accustomed to people and you can touch and feed them. There are boat and catamaran trips available to those places where the turtles can be found. The turtles are protected by law in Barbados and these sea turtles are among the most endangered animal species.