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Artists on the island, crafts stores and "Pelican Craft Centre" (Village)

Barbados' Arts and Crafts

Barbados has a quite large arts and crafts community. You will find several places where you are able to see and buy some of this unique art products.

Barbados has a fairly large arts and crafts community. These small manufactories and artists are creating a variety of art objects. A few examples are hand-made sculptures, ceramics and pottery such as plates, cups, and many other products.

At the "Pelican Craft Centre" in Barbados, Visitors will have the opportunity to watch artists and manufacturers during they are creating their work.

(1) The "Pelican Craft Centre" (formerly known as "Pelican Village") in Bridgetown.
(2) Oistins Fish Market (only Friday and Saturday evening)
(3) "Chattel House Village" in Holetown, Barbados (westcoast).
(4) Speightstown Barbados (westcoast) offers a few art galleries.

The "Pelican Craft Centre" in Barbados (Bridgetown)

The "Pelican Craft Centre" in Bridgetown (also called "Pelican Village"), is literally the art district of Barbados. Because there is plenty to see, this friendly and modern designed area is always worthwhile to be visit.
Since almost all pieces are handmade, each individual work is unique. This work is in particularly well suited as a memorable souvenir or present for friends.

Address and Location:
Pelican Craft Centre
St. Michael
Bridgetown, Barbados

Google Maps: Google Maps Overview
Pictures: Pictures of "Pelican Craft Centre" in Barbados
Online Tour: Online Preview of Pelican Craft Centre Barbados

Overview of some of Barbados' Artists

1. Mr. Reggie Medford (Medford Craft World)
Mr. Reggie Medford is a well-known Barbadian artists. Medford produced among other things, a variety of mahogany burlwood sculpture, clocks and other handcrafted art work. Take a look at his website, his products are very nice.

Website: Medford Craft World - Website

2. Malin Martelly
Malin Martelly designs and creates handmade jewelry, including necklaces and bracelets for women. Most of her pieces are unique items. You will find Mrs. Martelly on Friday evening at Oistins Fish Fry.

Facebook Group: nilablue - wearable art
Facebook: malin.martelly

Youtube video of Mrs. Martelly in Oistins: