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Nightlife in Barbados

Barbados nightlife has its own rules, that just means that there are different hot spots on different days of the week. Nightlife in Barbados has something to offer everyone whether your young or old. You will find dinner entertainment show as well as beach bar partys an much more.

There are a variety of possibilities for evening and night activities but center of Barbadosâ?? nightlife is definitely the south cost. The most popular place is St. Lawrence Gap which is also called "The Gap". The Gap is located directly at the sea between Bridgetown and Oistins, in the parish (∼ borough) of Christ Church. This nightlife area contains many restaurants, bars and open-air clubs.

The big fish fry in Oistins. Oistins is also located in the parish of christ church on the south coast of Barbados. On weekends especially at friday and saturday in the evening Oistins gets crowded. This is the traditional Barbadian places to celebrate the weekend. It starts in the early evening hours with fish fry and local craft dealers. There is also live music and entertainment on a medium-sized stage. Most people leave before midnight to visit the bars and clubs in St. Lawrence Gap and Bridgetown.

In Holetown (on the west coast), you will find the 1st and 2nd Street which offers you a variety of possibilities for evening activities.

In addition, there are many bars that are scattered throughout the island. Many of these bars also offer an evening programs, often with live music or karaoke. And some of these bars are opened 24 hours a day.