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Barbados' public transportation

Buses and taxis in Barbados

On the Caribbean island of Barbados the public transport system is quites simple. For example Barbados has a uniform tariff for public transport. However, you should know a few thinks about Barbados' transportation.

On of the most important things to know are the bus stop signs. You will either find the words "to City" or "Out of City" - City means always Bridgetown. The Busses also have signs which will tell you exact location of their destination. You will sometimes see abbreviations such as B'TOWN for Bridgetown or H'TOWN for Holetown.
On main roads you will see buses and taxis clearly more often, so it is sometimes better to walk a bit further to a main rood.

Prices & Transport System in Barbados

You always have to pay 2.00 BB$ (∼ 1.00 US$) for a ride on a route taxis and buses (state and privately owed). Before 2011 the price for buses and route taxis in Barbados was 1.50 BB$ for a ride, but you will still find this old information on many other websites.Once you have paid, you can stay on this bus or route taxis until it has reached its ultimate destination. That means, that it is possible to travel from one end of Barbados to the other end of the island for just 2.00 Barbados Dollar - if your bus drives that far.
Tip #1: When you are standing at a bus stop, give approaching buses or route taxis a sign - e.g. wave your hand - to give the driver a signal to stop. Otherwise it could happen that buses or route taxis will pass your bus stop.
Tip #2: If you don't wear a shirt, bus and taxi drivers won't let you in.

Yellow Busses in Barbados (Privately-Owned)

On the Caribbean island of Barbados Yellow buses are usually a bit smaller than the blue buses. And yellow buses are privately-owned. Yellow buses don't have a fixed timetable. That usually means, that if a yellow bus is completely filled with people the driver will drive very quickly to its destination. On the other hand, if a yellow bus is almost empty they will drive sometimes very slowly. In the yellow buses in Barbados is often music played.

Blue Busses in Barbados (State Operated)

The blue buses are operated by the Barbadian government and this buses are running after a fixed schedule. This buses are usually a bit bigger and got more space inside. The blue buses in Barbados have different numbers for a certain route on the island.
Important: You always have to pay the precise amount of 2.00 Barbados Dollar, because they usually don't have change.
Website of Barbados Transport Board: Barbados Transport Board

Route Taxis (ZRs)

Route Taxis in Barbados are often called ZRs, and this taxis run on particular routes. Route taxis are cars (mostly minivans), which have a small black circle with a white number on the front and a wine-red stripe that goes around the car.
If you see a route taxi that is driving in the direction you want to go, then just ask the driver if he is driving to your destination.
One advantage of this route taxis is that they will try to avoid traffic jams by driving around e.g. via side roads, while buses have to stuck in traffic.

Regular Taxis

Normal taxis are like taxis around the world. You have to tell the driver where you want to go and he will bring you to your destination, in the shortens time possible. The price depends on distance and time. Or just ask the driver for a fixed price.
Important: Make clear in with currency you want to pay, U.S. Dollars or Barbados Dollars, so that you won't have any misunderstandings.

Tip: Ask a Taxi driver for a round trip. Taxis drivers know a lot of nice places and you can discuss your own ideas for a tour.