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A Caribbean Cigar Manufacturer

Cigars "made in" Barbados

For cigar lovers, the cigars of "Royal Barbados Cigars" are certainly a nice souvenir idea.

On the Caribbean island of Barbados is a small cigar manufacturer that produces the cigar brand of "Royal Barbados Cigars". This cigars are made entirely by hand and there are no machines used to automate the process.

Tours & Surveys

You can visit the cigar factory in the Pelican Craft Centre (Pelican Village) and watch how the cigars are rolled.

On the Internet are many positive reviews of this cigar factory, a visit should be worthwhile.

Website link: Royal Barbados Cigars
Facebook: Royal Barbados Cigars @ Facebook

Address and location:
3 Pelican Industrial Park
(Pelican Craft Centre)
St. Michael, Barbados

Barbados Cigar making videos