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Annual daytime temperatures of 30°C (86°F) are waiting for you!

The climate in Barbados - plenty of sunshine!

The climate in Barbados is warm and very pleasant, during the year temperatures varies only by a few degrees in the different seasons. There is also a steady light east-breeze blowing throughout the whole, which make temperatures around 30° C very bearable. Tip: Do not underestimate the power of the sun in these degrees of latitude.

The rainy season in Barbados is from mid May to October. Statistically the month with the most days of rain is July with approximately 18 rain days. The least rain is falling with about 7.5 days per month between February and April. As common in these degrees of latitude the weather can change quickly, especially in the rain season. In the rain season it happens that it rains for about 10-20 minutes, followed intense sunshine and best weather. But even when it is raining the temperatures of 30°C (86° F) makes the rain quite nice.
The steady blowing breeze make the climate very pleasant, the breeze is not to strong an not to weak - it is just right. In some situations and areas it also eliminate the need of an air-conditioning.

Time period of high season and low season

The main season goes from mid December to mid-April, correspondingly the low season from mid-April to mid-December.

Daytime temperatures average annual

In Barbados the daytime temperatures are usually between 28-31 °C (82.5 °F - 87.8 °F).In cars or on the buses, it is usually enough to open a windows while driving, instead of using an air-conditioning, thank to the steady blowing east wind.

Plenty of sunshine - throughout the whole year

Barbados is with approximately 3071 hours of sunshine per year Barbados is a paradise for sun lovers. Toronto in Canada for example just has 2044 sunshine hours per year. The daily average of sunshine is with approximately 8.4 hours very stabile throughout the year. From February to August you will have around 9 hours of sunshine per day, and during the remaining year sun is shining for approximately 8 hours a day.

Water temperatures the whole year inviting for a swim!

Water temperatures are very pleasant throughout the year. Water temperatures at the beach are pending between 25 °C and 28 °C (77° - 82.4° F) - depending on the current season. But do not worry, even at 28 ° C, the water still gives you a welcoming refreshing.
People are always asking us the same question: "Isn't that to warm?". If you don't believe that water at these temperatures is still refreshing, than try this: First grab a waterproof thermometer and a bucket, and fill it with 25 - 28°C warm water.

Night temperatures in the annual average

In Barbados the night temperatures are between 21-24 ° C (70° - 75° F) - external temperature. People that cannot or just poorly sleep at this temperatures should consider to book an accommodation with air-conditioning.

Sunscreen at the beach is a must!

Particularly light-skinned people and children should always use a sunscreen with high sun protection factor. The fine sand on the beach, with its very light beige tone that is almost white in some areas is an absolute dream, but it reflects the sun's rays like any bright surface very well. The sun gives you even under an umbrella at the beach a nice brown tan. So please take care to protect yourself sufficiently from the sun. A high sun protection factor and water resistance are especially important!
(Tip: Many people forget to apply sun protection on their face, a common but painful mistake!)

In case of rain: watch out for the "Tree Manchineel"

Note: Do not stand under a "Manchineel Tree", when it rains. Because then a liquid will drop from the tree and that will cause burns on your skin. These trees are usually marked with one or more signs or with a red bellyband.
That it how the tree looks: Pictures of Barbados "Manchineel Trees"

And don't tear off any leaves, so that no juice can leak out. The green fruit of this tree are also poisonous.