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Information that you should know for your stay

Barbados: Important & Useful Information

The most important things that you should know about Barbados, emergency numbers you should write down, the different banks on the island to socket adapter you maybe need to operate your electrical equipment.

In this section you will find useful and important information regarding to your stay on the Caribbean islands of Barbados.

General Information

The section "General Information" includes for example information about quality of drinking water and the electricity system in Barbados.

Emergency Numbers & Addresses

The section "Emergency Numbers & Addresses" contains all the information you need in case of a medical issue during your Barbados vacation (holiday).

Money & Banking

This section provides information to ensure that you can withdraw money in Barbados, for example if you live in germany and you are having your bank account at a german Bank you have to activate your bank card for this area - this rule applies to some other european countries as well. In addition, we give you some tips on how you can save some money.

Electronically Communication

In this section you will find a lot of important information, with some knowledge you can save you some money, when it comes to communication. If you own a smartphone like an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile phone, we will provide you with some tips on how you can make cheaper calls. Of course, we also recommend some apps which will probably make your stay a even more relaxing.