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Bitter & sweet

Non-alcoholic beverages from & in Barbados

In Barbados you will find some refreshments you usually do not find in central Europe or northern America.

In Barbados there are several drinks that are not likely to get, in europe or northern america.

Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer is a non-alcoholic brewery product, which is made ??of ginger and it has a strong flavour.

Ginger Beer is like Mauby consumed in particularly from people over 30 years. Many people like these natural drinks, because they have had quite enough of the common industrially produced sugar waters like coke and Pepsi Cola.

The most common ginger beer is "Jamaican Ginger Beer" that you will probably find in more 'exotic' stores like asian grocery shops.


Mauby is a traditional bitter-sweet drink on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Mauby is extracted from the outer shell of a special tree.

You can get mauby syrup in most grocery stores on the island of Barbados. You also get the dried tree-shells, to make the syrup by yourself. Mauby syrup is usually diluted with a lot water, before people drink it.

Mauby is a very good thirst quencher. With your first Mauby, it is usually like the first beer in your life - you have to get used to it.

Soft Drinks

You will encounter a lot of bright colored soft drinks from company brands like "FruTee" and "Busta". FruTee is an authentic Bajan soft drink, produced by the "Banks Holding" which also manufactures the Banks Beer and Busta is imported from Trinidad. You can buy soft drinks from both brands in numerous flavors. These soft drinks usually taste very fruity and often also very sweet.
The flavour and taste are not comparable to drinks like Fanta, Sprite other similar drinks. I would encourage you to try one or the other of this drinks, some of them tastes very good.