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Friendliness and pure joy of life

Barbadians, a class of its own!

The Bajans are a class of its own, let their joyfulness become yours and dip into their attitude towards life. The Barbadians are what makes Barbados to what it is. A haven of relaxation and a place you want to visit again and again.

The vast majority of people in Barbados are very friendly, helpful and a Bajan usually has a smile on his lips. On this Caribbean island the attitude towards life includes among other things, the slogan "do not rush". The islanders are very relaxed and this usually transfers quickly to visitors.

If you have a question don't hesitate to ask a Barbadian. They will usually answer your question kindly. It is also likely that the Barbadians will ask you, from time to time, if everything is ok, especially if you look like you are lost. They are not doing this to bother you, but they do realize that the tourism sector is one of the most important economic factors in Barbados, so the Barbadians want to make the stay of their guests on this Caribbean island as comfortable as possible.
What you will encounter also, is that many Barbadians will walk past you, saying "How do you do" - even if they have never seen you before. That normal in Barbados and shows good manners.

You will notice that Barbadians approach their guests with an incredible kindness. And a real Barbadian will also encourage you to deep into the islands life.
For example you can visit a Bajan rum shop, to explore what Barbadians do as leisure activities. Rum shops in Barbados are also part of the cultural of this island, just like the numerous churches. Some people even say, that there are more rum shops in Barbados than churches.