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Overview of prices in Barbados

Level of prices in Barbados

Barbados price levels at a glance. Private accommodation as well as Rum and cocktails are at very affordable price levels.

All prices shown in Barbados are including VAT ("value added tax" in some areas known as "sales tax"). Currently the VAT rate in Barbados is at 17,5%, but only for a limited time. Usually the VAT rate is 15%.

Accommodation on the Caribbean island of Barbados

Private rentals: You can find good and cheap accommodations on the Caribbean island of Barbados. For example a 2 room apartment with an open kitchen, bathroom including a shower, washing machine and more, for just 75 Barbados Dollar (BBD) (37.5 USD) per night. If you stay with four persons you just pay 18.75 BBD (9.40 USD) per person and night.

Hotels: Barbados has more than 100 Hotels on the island. Some of them are upscale Hotels but there are also a lot of normal Hotels. It is hard to find a complete list of all Barbadian Hotels but we are working on this issue!

Groceries in Barbados

In Barbados groceries are approximately on a western european / north american price level.

Public Transport in Barbados

A single bus ride in Barbados costs always 2 BBD (1 USD), and you can stay on the bus until the bus reaches its ultimate destination. This allows you to explore Barbados at very affordable prices.
On many other websites you will find the information that a bus ride in Barbados costs 1.50 BBD - that is an old and false information.

Restaurants in Barbados

Barbados offers its visitors a huge variety of restaurants, there are several high class restaurant (for example "The Cliff") and a lot of affordable normal restaurants.

Alcoholic Beverages in Barbados

Cocktails are at a normal price level. I would even say that cocktails in Barbados usually a bit cheaper that in many other travel destinations.
In particular, rum is very cheap and has a very good quality. On the other hand imported spirits are expensive.