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Barbados is one of the safest Caribbean islands

Security situation in Barbados

Barbados' crime rates are low and the Caribbean island of Barbados is a very safe region for traveling.

Barbados is a safe island and one of the safest in the Caribbean. Barbados has a low crime rate, in particular regarding offenses connected with tourists. A person who steals from "guests of the country", can be punished with up to 15 years in prison.

"Opportunity makes thieves", this saying is advisable for every vacation.

Here a few general tips:
(1) Watch your valuable items.
(2) Don't leave your valuables unattended at the beach.
(3) Keep your valuables in the hotel safe.
(4) Understatement e.g. in wearing jewelry shows greater excellence.


Tip: You can keep small amounts of money, in a so-called "Waterproof Dry Case" (link will later be published). Waterproof Dry Case allows you to take Money an important things into the water. Barbados is located in a tropical region, what means that heavy rains can happen sudden and unexpectedly. A Waterproof Dry Case can even protect your mobile phones and electric devices. It worthwhile buying it.