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A small island with many possibilities

Sports in Barbados

In Barbados you can do a lot of water sports and many different sport at ashore. You will also have the opportunity to watch different kinds of sports as a visitor. Among other things you can do for example snorkeling, diving, watch horse racing, cricket and there is even once a year the well-known Barbados Rally. To sum it all up you won't have a reason to be bored on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

In this category we will provide you with information on sporting possibilities which you can do in Barbados. In addition to the common sports in Barbados, there are also some things that for many of us don't tend to be a daily activitiy.

Special sporting activities

(1) Zip-lining (general information):
At a zip-line adventure, there is a steel-cable that connect two points which are normally at different levels of height. Hanging under these steel cables you will slide to the text platform. You you get very high speeds which generally leads to an increased adrenalin output. Short way of saying it: It is fun!

A video and more information can be found on this website in the "sports" => "Sports ashore" => "The Zip-line".

(2) Another interesting sport is night diving with fluorescent light.
The dive begins after sunset. Many corals and fish are glowing in nice and rich colors under these light conditions.

Water sports

On a Caribbean island like Barbados, there are of course many water sports activities available.
You will find more information in: "sports" => "Water Sports".

Other Sports

There are of course much more sports activities you can do in Barbados. In one of the subordinate pages of this category we collected a large list of sports, which give you a pretty nice overview and ideas what you can do during your vacation (holiday).