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Bajan or Barbadian?! - Which is correct?

As a tourist, you will probalby ask yourself the question of whether a citizen of the Caribbean island of Barbados is called "Bajan" or "Barbadian". Or just simple - what the locals prefer.

When do I say Bajan and when should I rather use the term Barbadian? As you may guessed, both terms are used in everyday life - quite in contrast to the description (name) of the English dialect in Barbados (see Bajan slang).

Barbadian is the formal and official name for citizens of the Caribbean island of Barbados. But the term Barbadian is only used to fill out official documents and in passports. Business people should also use the term Barbadian in lectures and presentations.

In Barbados the term Bajan is used by the majority of people in everyday life. Among themselves, the residents of Barbados call each other actually always Bajans. Even radio and TV stations mainly use the term Bajan - the same applies to many newspapers and online media.

Other meanings of Bajan

Not only the citizens of the Caribbean island of Barbados are called Bajan. Also the Eastern European version of the accordion is called Bajan.
The Arab boy-name Bayan has also a similar spelling - and the meaning of the name is "honest person".
Bhajan is also a Hindu term which means a religious song of praise.