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What you should know before you leave

Barbados: Tipps & information for your departure

If you consider a few things before you are leaving Barbados, you can probably save some money and avoid stress. In addition, you should inform yourself about your home customs regulations to avoid problems!

If you still have a large amount of Barbados Dollar, which you intend to exchange at home (e.g. in EUR, GBP, CAD or other non-USD currencies), then you should consider the following tip before you leave the Caribbean island of Barbados!
Tip: You should exchange your remaining Barbados Dollar (BBD) into U.S. Dollars, before you leave the island of Barbados. Otherwise you'll probably waste a lot of money! The exchange rate in Barbados is 2 BBD = 1 USD.

Why Should I Exchange Barbados Dollar Before I Leave?

Some financial institutions around the world, handle Barbados Dollars as a so called "exotic currency". This is especially the case in European countries like Germany.

Another common problem is that many financial institutions only purchasing the world's major currencies - or at least currencies from countries which are much bigger than Barbados.

Consequence? Probably About 25% Loss Of Value!

Because many financial institutions treat Barbados Dollar (BBD) as an "exotic curreny", it is likely that you will receive up to 30% less than what they are actually worth!

The ride to Barbados Airport!

The Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados is quite small. Check-in and aircrafts are within a walking distance of a few minutes. Nevertheless, it is recommended to arrive at least 2 hours before departure at Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados!

Please note: In the afternoon/evening road traffic is often stop-and-go in Barbados. Barbados has one of the world's highest density of cars per kilometer of road! And most international flights are usually leaving - at that time - late in the afternoon!

More informationen about Barbados Airport:
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