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Wonderful beaches and a lot of luxury hotels

Barbados' West Coast

There are very nice beaches on the west coast of Barbados, often with sea surface as smooth as glass, palm trees and many plants. On this coast of the island, Barbados has many luxury hotels to offer and there are also a lot of villas of the rich and famous.

Due to the white sandy beaches the west coast of Barbados is also known as the Platinum Coast of Barbados. Sometimes when people are using this expression they also mean the color of the credit cards of super-rich people who prefer to live on this coast of Barbados. And not without reason, because on the west coast of Barbados has a variety of upscale top class hotels.

Barbados as a synonym for luxury vacations in the Caribbean

In one of the many luxury hotels you can be pampered and relax. In addition, the hotels offer a wide range of sporting activities. And on the west coast there is also the world known and famous Sandy Lane Golf Club.

More Upscale & Idyllic Than The South Coast

On this coast Barbados offers you lots of palm trees and lush vegetation of plants. You will usually find a limited number of people on the beaches of the west cost compared to the south coast. The beaches are usually slightly narrower than on the south coast. The water is often as smooth as glass and the entire coast looks like a beautiful postcard picture.

There are several small and medium-sized bays on the west coast, such as Sandy Lane Bay, because it is a bit difficult to access this bay it's always calm and a good beach to relax. The bottom of the sea is also very sandy and therefore very pleasant.

Most areas and beaches on the west cost are less busy. So it is just right for a demanding, peace seeking and calmness loving vacationer (holidaymaker). My subjective impression is that the average age is slightly higher than on the south coast. Above all, there are less families with young children to be found, which is not at least caused by the policy of upscale hotels to accept only guests that have reached a certain age.

Evening Entertainment With Live Music

Many restaurants and bars are right on seaside and many are offering - just like the big hotels - live music in the evening.

Holetown: Excellent Restaurants

The village of Holetown in Barbados is an address where you will find a lot of excellent restaurants. If you love food this is the right place to be and the best thing is that you can try a different restaurant every evening.