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Barbados is a stronghold of calypso music

Barbados' Calypso: Afro-Caribbean rhythms

On Barbados calypso and soca musc styles are very popular. In addition to Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago are other strongholds of calypso and soca music in the Caribbean. Calypso is also an important element during the corp over festival in Barbados (∼ Barbados Carnival).

Music plays in the Caribbean way of life a very important role. Among other things, music is an important expression of joy of life and physical awareness.


Calypso is a very rhythmic form of music. Barbados and Trinidad are the strongholds of Calypso music in the Caribbean. This music is often played by "Steel bands" in hotel facilities. From time to time you will probably hear modern melodies from the current international charts played by steel bands in typical calypso sound.


Soca is a modern variation of Calypso. This variation is faster and especially among younger Barbadians very popular.

Barbados music videos

Classic calypso music

Soca music:

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