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Digital Communication in Barbados

Mobile, landline and Internet in Barbados

In this section about Barbados you will learn something about, how you are able to keep you costs for telephoning and text message as low as possible on the Caribbean island of Barbados. We will also give you some tips regarding to the topics of 'why you should protect your devices' and 'how you can protect your devices'.

If you prepare yourself a bit, you will probably save some money and increase your comfort during your vacation (holiday) in Barbados by worrying less about your phone bill.

Internet & Wifi

In Barbados the standard Internet connections for private persons usually have a speed of 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps (Information from 2011).

On 11/11/2011 a foundation for sustainable economic growth (Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation), has launched the project with the name "ON 11:11:11 - Leading the FREE WiFi Revolution". This project is a call to all entrepreneurs and individuals to open up their Wifi signals to everyone. The promotional slogan is: "From Rum Shop to Connected Bus Stop - The Need for Speed??".

Phone calls for NON smartphone owners

If you don't own a Smartphone or if you don't have Internet or a Wifi signal in your accommodation, you could buy a international prepaid phone card. In this case you will usually have to call a toll-free phone number than you have to enter a number or a PIN code and then you are able to make cheap international calls. But you can also buy a so-called sim-card for your phone (mobile phone) from one of the local providers.