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Barbados' national sport

Cricket in Barbados

Cricket is Barbados' national sport probably because of the long British history and it has long tradition on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Cricket is played all over Barbados, often even in an open field right at the roadside.

Cricket originated in England and as a result of the British past, cricket is still a very popular sport in Barbados. You could say that cricket is the national sport in Barbados. A single cricket match, depending on the rules that are used, even take several days.

The Kensington Oval

The Kensington Oval is a cricket stadium in Barbados, which has a capacity of 28,000 people (10% of the population in Barbados). The stadium is not only used for cricket games it is also used for events and concerts. For example, the native barbadian singer Rihanna - some of you may have heard of her - started in August 2011 her world tour with was named "Loud Tour" in the Kensington Oval in front of 25,000 visitors.
The stadium has - as it is typical for Barbados - a few special features to offer. There is for example a pool from which visitors can follow the game and this pool is located behind / on top of a small hill that can be used by fans during the game, for example to organize a picnic.

Cricket as a societal event

Cricket is for many people more of a social event, they are going to see old friends again, meet new people and having a good time together. So it is often the case that some of the audience have little knowledge about complicated cricket rules.

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