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About visa requirements

Immigration and visa for Barbados

Entering Barbados. As an European, Canadian or U.S. citizen you usually don't have to apply for a visa. It's enough to have a passport that is valid for travel at least 6 months after your arrival.

All visitors who wants to enter Barbados need a passport (must be at least 6 months valid) and a valid ticket for the return flight.

Visa requirements

On arrival with a valid passport and a valid return ticket visitors (US, EU, CA) usually get a visa for 28 days, this can be extended to up to several months.

Non EU, US or CA citizens can visit the following website to check whether a visa is required or not:
Website: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Passengers from cruise ships

Passengers on a cruise ship that docks in Barbados do not require a visa, exemptions apply to people from Eastern Europe, The Commonwealth of Independent States, China, Taiwan, Korea and South Africa.

More information: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Date of information: 07 dec 2011
Source: Entry requirements @ www.visitbarbados.org