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Botanical Garden in the heart of the island

Flower Forest in Barbados

The Flower Forest in Barbados is approximately in the middle of the Caribbean island. From the garden, you will have a good overview over the landscape of East Coast.

The "Forest Flower" in Barbados was once a sugar cane plantation, today it is a beautiful botanical garden with a magnificent view. Among other plants you will find majestic palm trees and many tropical plants.

In the garden you will have a good view over the East Coast and the surrounding countryside. The total area of ??the former plantation is about 54 acres (approximately 218 000 square meters).

Website: Flower Forest Barbados
Adress and location:
(location: Between St. Thomas, St. Joseph & St. Andrew)
Tel: (246) 433-8152
Online map: Google Maps - Flower Forest Barbados

The following video tells you a little about the history of the "Flower Forest" and then you will seea slideshow of some plants that you can see in the garden. At the end of this video you can see the beautiful overview over the east coast which you will have at Flower Forest Gardens.