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Barbados hiking tours

Explore Barbados in an environmentally friendly way and do something good for your health. The guided walking tours will also bring you to places that 'normal' tourists won't see.

Explore the real beauty of the Caribbean island of Barbados during a hike. These tours protect the environment and you are also doing something healthy. In the middle of nature you can see the tropical rainforest in Barbados in its most pristine form.

Mr. Stephen Mendes offers hiking tour guided by himself.

Mr. Mendes - Prices:
The price model of Stephen Mendes is pretty clear. Mr. Mendes takes a fix price for a certain distance - regardless of the size of your group.

Prices for guided hikes (per group):
3 Meilen (ca. 4,8 km) costs 300 BBD (150 US-Dollar)
6 Meilen (ca. 9,7 km) costs 400 BBD (200 US-Dollar)
8 Meilen (ca. 12,9 km) costs 450 BBD (225 US-Dollar)
10 Meilen (ca. 16,1 km) costs 500 BBD (250 US-Dollar)
(Date of Informationen: 19.01.2012)

Website: Hike Barbados by Stephen Mendes
Stephen Mendes' Youtube-Channel: Stephen Mendes @ Youtube

At the end of the following videos you can see one of these places where you have a wonderful view.