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Experience the history of Barbados

Historical Buildings & Places in Barbados

On the Caribbean island of Barbados are many historical buildings and sites that allow visitors to immerse into the history of Barbados.

Among the historic places are some places from which you have a magnificent view of the countryside of Barbados. And there are also some places that are really nice spots for a picnic such as the Farley Hill National Park.

Cherry Tree Hill

The Cherry Tree Hill is with approximately 260 meters above sea level one of Barbados' highest points. From the Cherry Tree Hill, you have an excellent view over a part of east coast. And the Cherry Tree Hill in Barbados is a great place were vacationers can take pictures or just enjoy the breathtaking nature of the Caribbean island of Barbados.

It is believed that the name of Cherry Tree Hill was chosen because there were some cherry trees at that time. Nowadays, in this area especially tropical mahogany trees are growing. The first mahogany trees were introduced to the Caribbean island of Barbados around 1763.

Morgan Lewis, St. Thomas

Farley Hill National Park

The Farley Hill National Park is an estate built in 1879 by Sir Graham Briggs. The property has a large park. The Farley Hill property was once used as a backdrop for the classic Hollywood movie "Island in the Sun". The magnificent plantation house burned down to the masonry facade, and is in nowadays a symbol of times past. Throughout the park there are several benches where you can sit. Here you can read or enjoy the view. The park is also ideal for picnics or to spend some time with your family.

At the east coast.
Farley Hill, St. Peter

Opening times: 8.00 - 17.00 o'clock

Morgan Lewis Mill

The "Morgan Lewis Mill" is the largest remaining sugar mill in Barbados. Until 2007 this mill was the world's only working sugar cane mill of its kind. In 2007, unfortunately a lightning struck the Morgan Lewis Mill. Nevertheless, there is still an exhibition that shows how wind energie was used to produce sugar from sugar canes in former times.

Near Shore Village
Morgan Lewis, St. Andrews

Opening times: 9.00 - 17.00 o'clock

Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station

Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station is a restored signal station and a natural forests. The entrance fee is also includes the entrance at the nearby Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

Opening times: 10.00 - 5.00 o'clock

Grenade Hall
Farley Hill, St. Peter

The Main Guard, Clock Tower

Build in 1804, beautiful clock tower, Savannah Club.

Opening times:
Monday - Thursday: 7.45 - 16.00 o'clock
Friday: 7.45 - 14.45 o'clock

The Garrison Savannah
Bridgetown, St. Michael

The National Armory and St. Ann`s Fort

There is a collection of cannons from the 17th century. Moreover, there are a few other historical exhibits. This place can not simply be visited by your own, the tours must be booked in advance.

Entry via the headquarters of Barbados Defense Force
Bridgetown, St. Michael
Tel: (246) 427-1436