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A tropical garden in the hills of St. Joseph

Hunte's Gardens Barbados

Hunte's Gardens in Barbados is a botanical garden in the heart of Barbados. A peaceful oasis and a nice place to relax - enjoy nature.

Hunte's Gardens Barbados was built by Mr. Anthony Hunte and is embedded into the hilly landscape of the parish of St. Joseph. This botanical garden is located on the premises of a former sugar cane plantation. By the way, the buildings around Hunte's Gardens Barbados are from the time of the cane production.

Hunte's Gardens has several sections on different terraces. Sometimes you will also see some wild green monkeys playing in the trees. Hunte's Gardens is open to public since 2008 and is opened 7 days a week.

Entrance fee

The entrance fee costs 20 Barbados dollars. Included are beverages and a rum punch - recipe by Anthony Hunte. Hunte's Gardens Barbados is open 7 days a week.

Location & website:
Hunte's Gardens and Nursery
Castle Grant,
St. Joseph,
Online Map: Google Maps - Hunte's Gardens Barbados
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