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Sandy swimming beaches overview

Barbados' most popular beaches for swimming

Barbados' best beaches for swimming. At this page I will show you a selection of beaches in Barbados and describe for which group of people the respective beaches are suitable.

On this page you will find information about some of Barbados' beaches. If you are planning to make a beach vacation (holiday) in Barbados and if you like to swim a lot this page will probably help you decide where to go or even in which area you should book your accommodation.

Carlisle Bay (south coast) - in Bridgetown

The Carlisle Bay is located between the center of Bridgetown and the Hilton Bardados (Needham's Point). The bottom is very sandy, which makes the bathing very pleasant because you almost never feel stones beneath your feet.

The beach is just a bit over 2 km (1.24 miles) long and is home to several beach bars and two public facilities where you can change clothes, shower and use toilets. These facilities are free of charge. One of these facilities is in the direction of the Hilton Hotel and the other one is next to a public parking lot.

In particular, on the west part of this bay you will alwaysalways find locals who are renting waverunners to tourists.You can also go for a banana boat ride or similar water and fun sport activities.

Brandons and Brighton Beach (west coast)

Brandon Beach, Brighton Beach and Malibu Beach are located in the north of the Barbados port. The lower section is called Brandon Beach. Malibu Beach is next to the Malibu Rum Factory and Brighton Beach is exactly in between. The three beach sections merge into one another and they have a total length of approximately 1.5 km (0.93 miles). There is one beach bar and the "Cockspur Beach Club" or "Malibu Beach Club" the name has changed but it is the same location.Batts Rock Bay (west coast)

Batts Rock Bay is approximately 300 meter (984 feet) long, has a parking lot next to the beach and a public facility with changing rooms, showers and toilets.
This bay is also a frequent swimming spot for catamaran sailing cruises.

Miami Beach (south coast) - a bit rougher

If you like rougher waves - without endangering your life - then Miami Beach is probably the right beach for you. At Miami Beach, the waves are often a bit higher which should not be a problem for good swimmers. Moreover the sea floor is very sandy and contains almost no stones, which reduces the potential risk of injuries. And unlike the east coast there are no unpredictable currents at Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is located in Oistins, about 10-30 meters (90 feet) away from Enterprise Beach. Because of the higher waves I would not recommend Miami Beach to families with small children. But Enterprise beach next to Miami Beach is very well suited for families with smaller children.

There is also a free and public facility with showers, dressing rooms and toilettes between these two beaches. These facilities are manned and openend till eve.

Enterprise Beach (south coast) - calm sea

Enterprise Beach is right next to the Miami Beach because its location is set back a little further to the mainland - it is more like a small protected bay. The Result is that Enterprise Beach is much calmer and therefore it is better suited for families with children and anyone who isn't a good swimmer.

Video: Miami and Enterprise Beach in Barbados

You will see a text in the following video that says "West end of Miami Beach", that is actually Enterprise Beach.

Sandy Lane Bay (west coast)

The Sandy Lane Bay is located near Holetown on the west coast of Barbados. In and around Sandy Lane are many upscale luxury hotels and a lot of exclusive private villas. Hotels and villas in this area are mostly expensive. Sandy Lane Bay has a very nice and sandy beach about 500 meters (1640 feet) in length. The ocean floor is like the name suggests very sandy which makes bathing very pleasant.