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Plenty of good surfing spots, whether you are a professional or a beginner

Barbados best Surfing Spots

Barbados offers for every type of surfer the right surfing spots and coast, whether your are a beginner , advanced learner or a professional. And regardless of, if you are windsurfer, kitesurfer or just a normal surfer.

Barbados offers for every type of surfer the right spots. The air (28-31 °C) and water temperatures (25-28 °C) are constantly warm throughout the whole year. The Caribbean island of Barbados is about 33 km long and at its widest point, about 22 km wide. Because of its relatively small size you can reach every surf spot usually within 30 minutes.

Foreword for the beginner: Beginners will usually find ideal conditions all year round. The pleasantly warm ocean water, makes Barbados the right place to collect your first surfing experiences. There are several surf schools on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Foreword for Professionals: You will have the best prospect for a steady swell in the period from November to April. In particular, there are often local and international competitions at the 'Soup Bowl' in Bathsheba. There are also some crazy guys surfing in the region around the North Point.

Surfing at Barbados' East Coast:
Along the east coast of Barbados - the Atlantic coast - are primarily many good surfing spots for experienced surfer. The 'Soup Bowl' in Bathsheba is a frequent venue for local and international surfing competitions.

Surfing at Barbados' Southeast Coast:
Everything around the Southpoint e.g. Silver Sands is good for surfing. That is especially the right place for beginners. Even Justin Bieber learned surfing in this area.

Surfing at Barbados' West Coast:
The west coast has almost no waves and the water is often as smooth as glass.The west coast is a good place for people who wants to start windsurfing.

Wave Surfing

There are some nice surfing spots on and around the South Point (for example, Silver Sands and Freights).
Spots for pros are usually Barclays and mainly the Soup Bowl in Bathsheba.



Barbados' west coast has with its mirror-smooth water good conditions for beginners and give them a chance to deep in slowly. Otherwise, you will find many windsurfer at the southern tip of Barbados especially at Silver Sands beach.


One of the top spots for kitesurfer is Silver Sands. Silver Sands (in Christ Church) is located near to the southern tip of the island.

List of Barbados' Surf Spots

Here is a list of names with some spots, just in case you want to search for more information on the web.

1. North Point
2. Barclays
3. Soup Bowl
4. Silver Sands
5. South Point
6. Freights
7. Brandon Beach
8. Sandy Lane
9. Church Point
10. Tropicana
11. Mullins

Tip: If you are already in Barbados and if you have already decided to visit Barbados again - what I believe will happen - then just ask local surfers for cheap accommodation in the area of nice surfing spots.