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"Oistins is a must go!" - Fridays & Saturdays

Nightlife in Oistins Barbados

Almost every visitor recommends Barbados' Oistins over and over again. Oistins is a must have and must see and you should visit Oistins at least once during your vacation (holiday) in Barbados. The fish is delicious and you will also be entertainment.

Oistins is located on the south coast of Barbados, directly at the seaside. During the day Oistins is one of Barbados' biggest fish markets and at almost every evening you can buy fresh grilled fish with salad and of course a bajan 'banks beer'. Traditional the whole dish can be eaten with a bajan Pepper Sauce (the sauce is usually very hot!). In the middle there is also a small stage where local will often (usually on weekends) entertain you - from dancing and karaoke to live music.

Oistins on weekends

On Friday and Saturday evenings, people meet here before then go to the clubs in St. Lawrence Gap and Bridgetown - both located west of Oistins. Friday evening is usually Oistins busiest day of the week, because on this day Barbadians are celebrating the beginning of the weekend.

You will also find some arts and crafts dealers at the edge of the event area (towards the seaside), the dealers offer self-produced craftwork and jewelry. Maybe you will find here some nice souvenirs for yourself or present for your loved ones. Most craftwork dealers are likely to be encountered at Friday night between 19 o'clock and half past ten.

Tip: If you want to know where and when to go out, to celebrate, the best thing to do is, to simply ask one of the young locals.