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Drug offenses are taken seriously

Not allowed in Barbados

In Barbados there are strict rules which regards the violation of the Narcotics Act. Otherwise, you should know a few things on non-smoker protection and nudism in public.

Non-smoker protection

Since the 1st October 2010, public smoking is no longer allowed in Barbados. Note this applies also for beaches, roads, museums, historical facilities and sites. There are some bars that have special areas for smoking. Offense will usually be punished with a fine but the law says that it also can be punished with imprisonment.

Illegal Drugs

Possession of illegal drugs is a crime. A violation of this law is taken very seriously.

Camouflage (Military Camouflage Patterns)

The wearing of clothing with camouflage pattern is solely reserved for the military. This applies for clothing as well as object like bags. This prohibition also applies to children's clothing and other things.

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