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Information about the quality of tap water

Barbados: Good quality of drinking water

The tap water in Barbados is significantly less chlorinated than for example in the area around Los Angeles (USA), Barcelona (Spain) or London (UK). Barbados is a coral rock based island and that's why the water doesn't need much processing.

Barbados is one of the only islands in the Caribbean which are coral based. Most of the other Caribbean islands have a volcanic origin. The water is very little treated with chlorine because the coral rock does a very good job on filtering the water in a natural way. Therefore the drinking water quality in Barbados is one of the best in the Caribbean.

Tip for water quality like bottled water from the store

When I am traveling, I always take my "BRITA water filter" (no electricity required) with me. It reduces chlorine as well as heavy metals (e.g. from the water pipes), the water gets very smooth and the taste is similar to bottled store water brands like Volvic or Evian waters. For traveling I would recommend the "BRITA Marella Cool water filter" with 2.4 litres.
1. The "BRITA Marella" including a filter cartridge has a weight of only 640 gramms (22.75 oz).
2. It is so slim that it fits into the door of a refrigerator.
So it easily fits into your luggage and in addition it is very enviroment friendly because the cartridge is 100% recyclable.

You can buy this water filter ("Brita Marella Cool" about 2.4 liters water tank) at Amazon and eBay. In particular, at Amazon there are a wide variety of lower-priced value packs.

If you not sure yet if you should buy this water filter watch the following videos or search for user experiences on the web.