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Nightlife in St. Lawrence Gap

St. Lawrence Gap is located on the south coast of Barbados, between Bridgetown and Oistins and is likely to offer the most vibrant nightlife on the island. St. Lawrence Gap is lined with restaurants, bars and pubs. St. Lawrence Gap is a nice area to celebrate and enjoy your stay.

St. Lawrence Gap - also called 'The Gap' - is located on the south coast of Barbados between Oistins and Bridgetown. It is the area next to 'Dover Beach'. There are many hotels directly located at and around "The Gap".However, there is always something going on. Some restaurants, beach bars and pubs are opened even during the week.

There are a lot of restaurants, bars, pubs and some small night clubs in St. Lawrence Gap. Most venues have open-air areas where you are able to party under starry sky. In some pubs and bars karaoke is offered. And most places offer a happy hour at least once in the evening.

The people who are visiting St. Lawrence Gap are a wide mix of different groups. You will see and meet there lots of different ages groups from young teens to the older generation and they all enjoy their time on 'The Gap'. St. Lawrence Gap has a great reputation as the party and nightlife area in Barbados, that's why you will see here also a good mix of tourists and locals.

In many places live music is played. Furthermore, you will find different places which are playing different music styles such as salsa, reggae, r'n'b, calypso and rock.

When is something going on at the Gap?

Because 'The Gap' is surrounded with hotels and rental apartments you will usually find something going on during the whole week. So it is quite possibile that you can celebrate your vacation (holiday) every single day.

Clothing: Evening wear

The dress code at St. Lawrence Gap is rather loose, however, some places expect elegant evening wear.

Preview of some places

The Plantation Theatre

Website link: The Plantation Theatre

The Ship Inn
Website link: The Ship Inn

After Dark
The Raggae Lounge

Cafe Sol
Cafe Sol offers different kinds of food but especially nice Mexican food.

Website link: Cafe Sol