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These tennis courts can be used

Play tennis in Barbados

In Barbados there are several tennis courts. Many of the hotels have tennis courts. Some of these hotels rent tennis courts to you even if you are not a guest at this hotel. In addition, there are other organizations on the Caribbean island of Barbados that are having tennis courts and renting them.

Information about Barbados and tennis can be found at the following key words and website links.

General Information:
Website link: The Barbados Tennis Association

Rent a court:
(1) On the island of Barbados is the "National Tennis Centre" in Wildey, St. Michael.At this place are even non-members are welcome to rent a tennis court. There are about 4 courts available.
Telephone inquiries can be made under (246) 427-5300 or (246) 427-5298. If you want to play on Sunday, you have to make an reservation until Saturday 2 pm.

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