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Barbados Time Zone

The time zone in Barbados and why switching between summer and winter time doesn't make sense on the Caribbean island.

Barbados is located in the following time zone:
Time zone: UTC -4

New York for example is in time zone UTC-5. The difference between the Central European Time (CET), in summer is minus 6 and in winter it is minus 5 hours.

Why there is no time transition between winter- and summertime!?

Due to the fact that Barbados has a relative proximity to the equator, Barbados does not change from summer- to wintertime.

The closer you are to the equator the more consistent are sunrise and sunset. Therefore, it doesn't make much sense to switch between summer- and wintertime. Even in Europe this topic has been recently discussed, whether the change from winter- to summertime still makes sense. In Russia, the Ukraine and other countries, the transition from summer- to wintertime has been abolished. Studies in european countries like Germany has shown that a large majority of the population would abolish the transition as well.