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Sightseeing in urban areas

Cities and towns in Barbados

In Barbados Holetown, Speightstown and Bridgetown are perfect places for shopping and sightseeing of nice old colonial buildings.

Barbados biggest cities (∼ towns) are Bridgetown, Holetown and Speightstown. These are the best places to go shopping and see historic buildings on the island Barbados.

Bridgetown Barbados

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and also the area with the highest population on the island. Almost 30% of Barbados' population are living here and in addition a large number of tourists is also present in this area.

Broad Street in Bridgetown is one of the most famous streets for shopping. Broad Street offers you a lot of shops, for example famous "Caves Shepherd" shopping centre and a variety of jewelery stores.

Holetown in Barbados

History: Holetown is the former capital of the Caribbean island of Barbados. In 1627 the first settlers went ashore in Holetown. Holetown was first named "Jamestown" after King James I of England.

Holetown shopping:
The "Lime Groove Lifestyle Center" in Barbados is located in Holetown. The "Lime Groove Lifestyle Center" is an upscale shopping center and the whole area of this shopping center is beautiful designed. Even a walk through the area of this shopping center is a nice experience. At the "Lime Groove Lifestyle Center" you will find many shops of superior brands like Breitling, Louis Vuitton and many other luxury brands.

"West Mall Shopping Centre" is another shopping centre in Holetown, which also contains well-known brands.

>p>Barbados' Chattel Houses: The Barbados "Chattel Village" in Holetown, is a very famous tourist attraction on the Caribbean island. The "Cattel Village" is a row of beautifully restored "Chattel Houses", which contains small stores selling arts and crafts. Holetowns "Chattel Village" is printed on many Barbados postcards and the colorfulness of this "Chattel Houses" is always a good subject for photos.

What is a Chattel House?: Chattel Houses are small wooden and mobile houses, which are usually based on a loose foundation (normally just a few stones). In the past it was not allowed, that slaves own their own pice of land. That's why they had to build homes which are easy to move.

Location of the Chattel Village in Holetown Barbados: Holetown is located on the west coast of Barbados. The Chattel Village is located south of the West Mall Shopping Centre in Holetown.

Speightstown in Barbados

History of Speightstown: Speightstown was established in 1653 and is named after William Speight. William Speight was a rich businessman who owned a lot of land in this area. Today Speightstown is Barbados' second biggest town.

You will find several shopping options in Speightstown, including several art galleries.

In Speightstown is also one of the bigger Barbadian bus terminals located, with connections across the whole Caribbean island of Barbados.