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Overview of water sports on the island

Water sports in Barbados

On the Caribbean island of Barbados, you have the possibility to do many different water sports. From scuba diving, kayaking and fishing to jet skis and parasailing, you have a lot to choose from.

If you like to do water sport activities, you will find the perfect conditions on the Caribbean island of Barbados year-round. The water temperatures are always between 25-28°C, so it is always a pleasure to do water sports.

List with keywords and ideas for your stay in Barbados

   (1) Diving
   (2) Snorkeling
   (3) Kayaking
   (4) Water skiing
   (5) Paragliding
   (6) Surfing
   (7) Kite surfing
   (8) Wind surfing
   (9) Jet Ski (Wave runners)
   (10) Fishing
   (11) Parasailing
   (12) Sailing