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See green monkey, turtles and other animals

Barbados' small wildlife reserve

In Barbados in the parish (∼ borough) of St. Peter, in the north of the Caribbean island there is a small animal park, the "Barbados Wildlife Reserve". They have local animals as well as animals from other regions of the world.

The Animal Park of Barbados, the wildlife reserve is situated in a forest of mahogany trees.Many of the animals are not locked up and can move freely like in a petting zoo.
Among other animals, you can see there the typical Barbadian monkeys (green monkeys), pelicans, flamingos, turtles, various parrots and other species of birds, deers, peacocks, iguanas and at least one caiman (alligator).

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is not comparable to a normal european zoo, it's more of a mixture of wildlife park and petting zoo.

Address und location:
St. Peter
(in the northeast of Barbados)
Online map: Google Maps - Wildlife Reserve Barbados