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Zip-line Adventures in Barbados

Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Since late 2007, you can have the pleasure to rope slide during your vacation (holiday) in Barbados.

What is a zip line? In the simplest case, a zip line is a rope that is tied between two points. Both ends of the rope are usually attached at different height levels. Because of the decline you can easily slip from the higher end to the point below.

History of Zip lining

The zip line is not a new invention, in many regions of the world it is used since ages.Zip-Lines are for example used, for rapid transportation in regions that have many mountains, which are very difficult to access. Zip-Lines are still used in regions in China or South America. They are not only carrying people via the ropes but also many goods transported on these Zip-lines.

Structure of Barbados' Aerial Trek Zip-Line

The Arial Trek Zipline Adventures in Barbados, contains a total of eight platforms and is located in a hilly Landscape. The total length of the zip line trek is more than 300 meters, the longest section is approximately 92 meters long.

Safety precautions @ the Aerial Treck in Barbados

Safety at the Barbados Aerial Trek is very important for the operators of Barbados' Zip-Line adventure. They use a double steel cable system and you will be always connect during your 'ride', either to a plattform or to one of the steel cables. The best way to get an impression of the safety precautions is to watch the video embedded below. In this video you can easily see the double security concept.

Location of Aerial Trek Zipline - Barbados

Address and location:
Aerial Trek
Zipline Adventures
Jack-in-the-box Gully
Walkes Spring Plantation
St. Thomas, Barbados

Website of Aerial Trek Barbados
Location on a map: Google Map Ansicht