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Barbados: Cell (mobile) phone communications

In Barbados, the local cell (mobile) phone operators haven't any roaming contracts with UK or other EU cell (mobile) phone providers - as far as I know. So be aware that 'texts' and mobile 'calls' will probably be quite expensive.

The only mobile phone company that has a roaming partnership with a local provider is - as far as I know - AT&T from the U.S.
But you can also purchase a local SIM card to make cheaper calls.
For smartphone owners, there are plenty of apps in the Apple and Android app stores. This is a good and very cheap alternative for international calls and even texts, if you have Wifi - which you will usually have - free of charge - in many hotel and in a lot of beach bars.

List of the cell (mobile) phone network provider in Barbados

Provider #1: Digicell Barbados
Provider #2: Time 4 Lime
Provider #3: Sunbeach