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Explore the underwater world of the Caribbean

Diving and snorkeling in Barbados

Barbados offers interested and enthusiastic diver many ways to explore the underwater world of this Caribbean island. Even snorkeling with wild sea turtles, that are accustomed to humans, is possible at this beautiful tropical island.

Barbados offers a lot of possibilities for divers. On the Caribbean island of Barbados you can explore coral reefs and severals shipwrecks. In addition, Barbados (unlike other Caribbean islands) have not had a single shark attack, in over 300 years.

Crystal clear water and high distance visibility

At the most common diving spots in Barbados, the water is very clear, the visibility is generally between 24 to 30 meters. Reefs are mainly at the south and west coasts. There are a number of different dive operators in Barbados.

Snorkeling with sea turtles

A special highlight is snorkeling with the endangered sea turtles. The wild sea turtles are accustomed to humans and can feed and touched.
One way to enjoy this experience is to chose from one of the many Barbadian catamaran trip offers. The Catamaran trips in front of Barbados' shore are usually stopping at some places where passengers can snorkel and swim. At these locations you will usually have the opportunity to swim with Barbados' sea turtles.

Video: Diving in the Caribbean island of Barbados